Silvia Colloca

My name is Silvia Colloca  and I am an Italian-born food lover living in Sydney, Australia.

In Silvia’s Cucina, you are invited into my kitchen to share the unfussy, delicious, recipes that have been passed down through my family for generations. My food is traditional, authentic and mostly simple, and embedded in it is the legacy of the hands of my mother and grandmother (those hands, always at work on some sauce or buried in dough!).Since leaving Italy eight years ago, I’ve seen, of course, how much Italian food is loved around the world. But I’ve also come to understand that it is a cuisine that is perceived as rich and fatty, to be approached occasionally, and then with some caution. In Silvia’s Cucina, I am striving to change this misapprehension, by showing how to cook everyday authentic, healthy Italian food. For although the Mediterranean diet allows the occasional indulgence in rich and festive foods, people are amazed to learn just how little fat is required in everyday Italian cooking. They are also surprised to know that not every plate has garlic. Neither does it have to be dusted in parmigiano and black pepper, nor submerged in olive oil. Italians are fiercely passionate and opinionated about their food, its preparation and its consumption, and I am no exception!

Follow me on Silvia’s Cucina and I hope you will find my private insight of Italian family home-cooking joyful and inspiring.


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