Sarah Todd

At the tender age of 18, I was discovered as a model. I moved to Sydney under contract, and then spent most of my career travelling the world and working for high-end fashion labels. Through visiting amazing places like London, New York, Germany, and New Zealand, I discovered a love for food culture I had never known. Exposure to so many different and exciting cuisines exhilarated my imagination and I began to feel heady with possibility.

Through meeting my partner I experienced the beauty and colour of Indian culture, and the idea crystallised in my head that the food experience was transformative. Through adding a generous spice rub to a piece of meat you reallt lifted that dish to a new level. You created art.

Those of you who followed my journey on Masterchef Australia will see my passion and desire for knowledge was only intensified through working with so many talented others. Now its my turn to share with you what I have learnt, and bring that special splash of magic and creativity into your kitchens.


Guest Recipes