Lamb Kofta Kathi Rolls

Cook Time 30 minutes

Servings 4


2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 

500g lamb mince

1 red onion, grated  

1 tsp ground cumin

⅓ tsp ground chilli 

1 tsp allspice 

½ cup hummus

½ cup of Greek-style yoghurt 

4 roti 


½ cup of cooked wholemeal couscous

1 punnet of mixed colour cherry tomatoes, cut in half  

¼ red onion, grated or finely sliced

2 sprigs each of mint and parsley, leaves picked 

1 tbsp red wine vinegar 

Salt and pepper


Combine the lamb, grated onion, spices and salt and pepper in a bowl. Combine by kneading with your hands for a minute to ensure the mixture becomes sticky. Divide the lamb mince into 8 portions and then shape in kofta sausages then wrap around small metal skewers (or wooden). To make this easier, wet your hands a little. Brush koftas with 1 tbsp of the oil.

Heat a griddle pan or flat plate over a medium-high heat and cook kofta for 2 - 3 minutes on each side.

For the salad, place the cooked couscous, tomato, onion, herbs, vinegar, salt and pepper and remaining oil into a bowl and toss.

Brush roti with oil and toast in a pan for a minute on each side until want. To make the kathi rolls, spread hummus and yoghurt over crispy roti and top with salad and the koftas that have been removed from skewers. Roll tightly together and serve.   


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