Kirsten Tibballs

Kirsten Tibballs is a leading pastry chef and chocolatier in the industry.

Chef Kirsten has represented Australia at the World Pastry Championships in Las Vegas, where she was recognised as the best in the world for her handmade chocolates, as well as winning gold in the Pastry Olympics in Germany. She has also been a judge for global competitions such as the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, the Patisserie Grand Prix in Japan and the World Chocolate Masters National selections in London.

As an ambassador for leading chocolate manufacturer Callebaut, she travels throughout the world demonstrating her craft.

Kirsten is the author of two cookbooks, Chocolate to Savour and Chocolate. She appears regularly on MasterChef Australia and contributes recipes and articles to the world’s leading pastry publications including So Good, Pastry and Baking North America, Pastry and Baking Asia Pacific, Baking Business and Australasian Baker.

She is often referred to as the ‘Queen of Chocolate’ for her contribution to the chocolate industry.


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