Duncan Lu

As an astute home cook of Vietnamese cuisine, Duncan is also a dental professional and business owner. He enjoys food from all cultures around the world and aspires to share this passion with young Australians.

From a young age, Duncan has always been fascinated with the culinary world and grew up watching (and re-watching!), studying and absorbing the techniques of classic cooks such as Jamie Oliver, Clarissa Wright, and Jennifer Paterson.

His understanding of Vietnamese food culture, however, began with his Grandma, who instilled a passion for traditional home-cooked food and an appreciation of its origin, identity, beliefs and systems of food. 

Duncan Lu has been able to build a subscriber base of over 15,000 Australian home cooks. He aims to introduce bespoke and premium Vietnamese ingredients and show them how to put the ‘ease’ in Vietnamese! His mission is pretty simple: to empower Australian’s to cook Vietnamese!

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