Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw, winner of MasterChef Series 2, has a great respect for traditional Asian cuisine while giving it his own modern twist. A child prodigy, Adam completed year 12 at 14 years old, enrolled in university at 16 and qualified as a lawyer by 21. At 30 he decided to give up his law career and explore something he was passionate about.  Adam returned to Australia from Japan to take a place in the top 50 of MasterChef Australia 2010.  It was an excellent decision; Adam’s warm and genuine style, along with his exceptional culinary skills, saw him take home the title for MasterChef Series 2. Adam has since built a career out of his passion for food, dividing his time between filming his new TV series Destination Flavour, traveling and writing. Television: Co-host of Destination Flavour – SBS Television 2012 MasterChef Australia Series 2 Network 10 2010 Regular appearances across Australian morning Television programs Publishing: Two Asian Kitchens 2010 Random House Appearances: Good Food and Wine Shows Australia and South Africa MasterChef LiveNoosa Food and Wine Festival Corporate appearances Australia wide.

Adam Liaw is a cook, writer and television presenter based in Sydney, Australia.

He is the author of five cookbooks. His latest, The Zen Kitchen, is available in stores now.

His television series, Destination Flavour, has travelled through Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Scandinavia and Singapore, and won the 2016 AACTA award for Best Lifestyle Television Program.

Adam is a regular columnist for Fairfax newspapers’ GoodFoodSunday Life magazine and The Guardian.

In 2010 Adam won MasterChef Australia. His victory is still the most watched non-sporting television event in Australian history. In 2016, the Japanese government appointed Adam as an official “Goodwill Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine”.

With more than 300K followers, Adam’s social media presence is ranked by Klout as the most influential in the Australian food industry. Follow Adam on FacebookInstagramYoutube or Twitter.

Adam is also UNICEF Australia’s National Ambassador for Nutrition.


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